Our Board


Jonathan Knopf
(970) 468-1444
Oversees Executive Board, schedules and presides at Board meetings, reserves meeting rooms for Board functions, plans and presides at annual General Membership Meeting, monitors the master calendar of events, directs the activities of the Administrative Assistant, provides information and support as needed by the Executive Board, members of the congregation, and/or members of the community.


Vice President

Jackie Balyeat
(317) 414-5663
Supports activities of the President.



David Lippa
(303) 668-2351
Budget, dues, financial reports.


Director of Membership

Vicky Kelman
(303) 775-1100
Coordinates annual membership drive and oversees all activities related to membership such as the annual Membership Directory.



Ruth Kaplan
(303) 885-9739
Meeting minutes.


Director of Social Action

Marci Aerenson
Organizes community outreach projects on behalf of SOS.


Director of Social Events (Pot Lucks)

Lenny Weisberg
(970) 547-5055
Oversees calendar of pot luck suppers, secures sponsors and advises them of their duties, maintains supplies in storage and replenishes as needed.


Rabbi Liaison

Ira Tane
(631) 987-0222


Immediate Past President

Susan Greenwood
(970) 468-0780
Coordinates community outreach and philanthropic initiatives; these include the Summit High School scholarship, the adopted trail clean-up, and the Leadville Cemetery project.


Director of Religious School

Caroline Falkenburg
Coordinates Hebrew School and Children’s Storytime with Rabbi Gelfarb.



Administrative Assistant

(Non-Voting Board Member)
Angela Reider
Supports SOS Board and members through general administrative duties including Website and Membership Database maintenance, Communications, Newsletter, etc.


Members of the Executive Board would be expected to secure volunteer chairpersons in each category and generally monitor the progress of their areas of responsibility, but not have responsibility for carrying out the details of each area. (Responsibility would be delegated to the chairpersons. If no chairpersons are available, the activity will not take place.)

Executive Board members will meet 6 times per year. There will be one general membership meeting per year, planned and coordinated by the President and Vice President. Executive Board members and chairpersons of their committees will meet as needed to facilitate the programs of the SOS. This is a volunteer organization! Volunteers are essential to all the ongoing programs of the SOS. If volunteers are not forthcoming, it will be assumed that the membership does not place a high value on a particular activity, and that activity will not take place.